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Conquer your Food Cravings
for Good Program

As a coach, you help clients get the results that they want – it’s now time to get what YOU want:
control around food!

Conquer your Food Cravings
for Good Program

The only one-to-one online coaching program for coaches who want to finally BE IN CONTROL around food and GET THE LEAN BODY they want.

Savour food AND a healthy life with zero guilt and more joy!

This happens to so many coaches…

A lot of coaches overeat when they're under pressure, bored... or even happy!

But that’s usually only because they haven't unlocked their potential yet.


Working from Home


You have a very busy day between consults and coaching calls, posting on social media and creating courses, webinars and podcasts...

Chocolate Bites


And since the damage's been done today, why bother? You might as well... And you have some more chocolate or chips.

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When your coaching day is over, you decide to give yourself a break and to stop resisting the doughnuts you've been thinking of all day long. So when you go to the kitchen to refill your bottle or to let the cat out, you eat some of them.

Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich


But the problem is that this goes on and on, again and again, day after day. 

You notice your jeans get tighter, you're easily out of breath, exercising is becoming a struggle... 



But then you feel bad and promise yourself, you'll do everything right tomorrow and you'll be really good.

Image by Nick Fewings


You're unhappy about this overeating loop and the body it's creating. 


It's time to do something about it. 

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If you want to improve your life and get the lean body you want, I’m here to help you.


With my personalized guidance and support, we will:

1. identify the blocks that are holding you back,

2. unlock your knowledge of urge management

3. and get the lean, healthier body you desire.


My program is tailored to each individual and is based on the principles of self-awareness and self-regulation.


By developing new habits and strategies for understanding and managing your urges, you will become empowered to finally make the changes you need to get the lean body you want.

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In the Conquer your Food Cravings for Good coaching program, you’ll learn the most effective way to stop overeating almost effortlessly, without being miserable.

Instead of struggling with bad food habits, you’ll soon be delighted to savor a healthier, happier, lighter life in the lean body you've always wanted.

Join me today and start your journey.

Conquer your Food Cravings in just Three months!

In the Conquer your Food Cravings private online coaching program, you’ll learn the 3 simple steps and how to implement it so that you feel better fast and finally get the lean body you want.

After taking the program, you’ll know how to stop overeating dead in its track.

Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 3 months:

Friends at the Beach

Signing up for the Conquer your Food Cravings for Good Gives you Access to:

- 12 weekly online one-to-one 30-minute coaching calls to tailor the 3 steps (Understand, Decrease, Decline) to your unique needs

- 2 Savour-Your-Food 30-minute sessions so you can optimize pleasure around food with zero guilt. In a safe environment and with detailed step-by-step instructions you’ll learn how to enjoy your food so that you naturally want to eat less effortlessly and how to experience any emotion that might lead to overeating.

- unlimited written or audio coaching for accountability and support on anything that happens between the coaching calls, Monday-Friday


With the Conquer your Food Cravings for Good coaching program, I’ve stopped eating chocolate, even though I used to have some every single evening!
I’m not dieting or obsessing about food anymore even when I visit France where I’m surrounded with mouth-watering cakes 24/7!
My weight is stable without dieting or obsessing about food anymore!


I got coached by Nadège and it was really helpful. She helped me so much with my urges because basically I was eating emotionally like reacting to a thought that I had and thinking that I HAD TO eat this.
And she brought me so much like clarity and understanding around what was the cause of me wanting to eat, like what was the reason behind it and also how to allow urges, really sit with them knowing that I’m not the urges, I’m not going to become the urge, that it’s all fine that I’m feeling this way, that I’m just being a human being, that it’s a process, it’s a skill to develop.
And she was really here as a guide to go through this and I remember like feeling super calm, and like really the perfect guide for this.
I felt really understood, like she really gets me, and yes, I think that coming from a place of feeling out of control when I had urges to understand better and knowing that I’m going to be ok and feel in control of the urge, that’s for sure the best experience I had and I know not every life coach is like this so I’m really happy with Nadège’s coaching and I would love to be coached again.

But now I don’t need since I’m allowing more urges. Thank you Nadège!


In 3 months I started working out and I got my diet under control.

However hard I tried, I was unable to lose my extra weight and my cellulite. I had poor circulation in my legs. I couldn’t make myself work out.


Thanks to coaching with Nan, I realized that I was really exhausted from taking care of everything in my life and I was not feeding myself well.


So I stopped consuming what wasn’t good for me and increased foods that I know my body thrives on. And I learnt how to focus on the beautiful life I wanted to live, the amazing energy I wanted to experience… and how that tempting cookie was not helping me create that!

I gave myself permission to spend money on good quality food products that are doing me and the planet so much good.

I also now understand that my food cravings are simply emotions I can accept and sit with. I now see that whenever I do that, they disappear after only a few minutes.

Overall, instead of complaining 24/7 about anything and everything in my life, I now listen to a kinder, more supportive voice within me. Both voices now collaborate to support me the best way possible and create the life I desire. And it’s working!


After serving clients in more than 9,000 coaching calls for the past 4 years, Nan is offering you the complete private Conquer your Food Cravings for Good coaching program for 3,000€. 

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The Conquer your Food Cravings for Good Workbook

The complete Conquer your Food Cravings for Good workbook is a paradigm-shift-packed playbook (with actionable worksheets!) that teaches you how to stop overeating for good and actually apply what you learn


The Cravings Playbook

The Cravings Playbook will help you turn learning to stop overeating one craving at a time into an adventure where the hero you are can only overcome all the obstacles and succeed in a unique, fun & efficient way.


The Crave Control Planner

The 90-day Crave Control Planner will ensure you stay on track with minimal effort no matter what. In only 10 minutes a day you’ll be confident you’re moving in the right direction.

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