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My experience

I've done what you want to do.

I believe that no matter what our past experiences with food, exercise and weight loss, we can all achieve our desired results of a lean body.


I have experienced first-hand the struggles of overeating – I was a binge eater for 30 years. I know how it feels to be trapped in this cycle of being miserable, eating way too much  when I’m not hungry, yo-yo dieting, exercising intensely like training for marathons… and yet always feeling like I was not enough.  


But that all changed when I discovered life coaching. I finally understood I was using food to cope with my emotions. With the help of coaching, I was able to decrease my food cravings. It made it much easier to decline food and get the lean body I wanted. Today I am truly grateful for my body and my experience with food cravings which brought so much joy and freedom in my daily life.


My mission is now to help others who have gone through similar struggles so that they experience the same success as me. Through my coaching program, Conquer your Food Cravings for Good, I can help you learn how to break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting and deprivation, decrease your food cravings and finally achieve the lean body you desire.


I look forward to helping you on your journey to your dream lean body!

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