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Are you tired of reaching for food to cope with the challenges of your coaching business?

Are you ready to get rid of emotional eating and finally be in control around food?

Are you looking forward to getting the lean body you would love?

As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coach School and No BS University I know exactly how to help you manage your emotional life without resorting to chocolate and / or chips. 

Meet your coach, Nan 

(Aka Nadège Saysana)

Few people know how to get rid of emotional eating and be in control around food to get your dream lean body like Nan.
In her own personal journey she has gone from binge eating chocolate spread whenever she could and being miserable... to savouring one delicious cookie at 3pm every day and maintaining a healthy weight in a lean body she now loves.

As a Certified Life and Weight Loss coach working for one of the major players in the coaching industry, Nadège has helped over 50 people per week follow a clear and proven process since June 2019.

In the Conquer your Food Cravings for Good private coaching program, she’ll help you implement 3 steps to finally put an end to emotional eating, be in control around food and get the lean body you want.

Now, she’s ready to help you.

Eating Sushi
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