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Coach, Are You Ready to Stick to Your Food Plan Effortlessly and Permanently?

I empower you to stick to your food plan, grow stronger, and lead the way!
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Lots of amazing coaches like you want to stick to their food plans permanently and effortlessly.

But they eat off plan, feel discouraged, and wish they ate better.


If you find it hard to say no to certain foods or if you eat whenever you feel bad, you're not alone.


This is for you if you have a food plan that your doctor or your personal trainer gave you or that you created yourself:

- to lose weight

to build muscle

- for better digestion

- to look good in a bikini

- to have much more energy

- to live a long, happy life as you age
- because of allergies or gluten sensitivity

- to boost performance, endurance, and recovery

- to align with your values as a vegetarian or vegan

- for a health condition like heart disease or arthritis

- to help with acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin issues
- to cut down on medicine for diabetes or high blood pressure 

- to help your immune system, stabilize your mood or balance your hormones

We know you're amazing at helping others.

So it makes you wonder:

"If I'm such a good coach, why can't I eat what I said I'd eat?”


Let's change that!

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Are you ready to finally follow your food plan easily every day and feel fabulous?




​As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I know exactly how to help you stick to your food plan and feel good without turning to chocolate and chips, even when you're having a bad day.

Meet your coach, Nan 

(Aka Nadège Saysana)

Have you been wanting to stick to your food plan, effortlessly and permanently? Me too.


I used to eat way too much off-plan chocolate and feel really bad about myself.

But now, I enjoy one yummy chocolate and caramel protein bar every afternoon and I feel great in my body!


I'm a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, and for the past 5 years, I've worked with 50 people who are just like you every single week.

Together, we've followed a simple plan that really works, helping them eat healthier and feel much stronger and happier so that we're super proud of walking our talk.


In my Food Plan Expert program, I’ll teach you six easy steps to eat what you said you’d eat effortlessly, stop overeating with NO struggle, be in control around food, feel amazing in your body and honest in your coaching business. 

Ready to start your journey?


Here’s what to do:


Download your freebie


Book your free Crave Control Consultation call


See yourself becoming the change you want to see in the world - as your body and business grow healthier and stronger!

If you follow these three steps, you’ll stick to your food plan struggle easily forever:


1. No more eating too much

2. No more worrying about your health

3. No more thinking about food all the time

4. No longer spending money on clothes in all sizes

5. No more wasting time and money on off-plan food

6. No more leaving money on the table as you feel like a fraud in front of potential clients

Imagine yourself a year from now… where your food plan is your friend and you feel so strong as a woman and a coach!


I believe in you.


I believe in my Conquer Your Food Cravings for Good program.


I believe together we can do great things.

You can overcome off-plan eating.

You can be a fantastic role-model for your clients.

I believe you can do this.

I’m 100% behind you.


Let’s do this!

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This smile could be yours soon...

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